Consultation on the Review of Neighbourhood Working Services

Purpose of the consultation

The Government has reduced its grant to Local Authorities over the last 3 years.  In order to respond to this Coventry City Council has been working to reduce its spending.  On 26th February 2013, Council approved the Budget Report which contained a range of information on spending and savings options.


The Council must save £63million over the next three years from a net budget of £268million.  This savings target has been shared across Directorates with Community Services receiving a savings target of £3m for 2013/14, £8m 2014/15 and £15m for 2015/16.  Community Services also has to make contributions to other reviews and respond to on-going budget pressures resulting in a total savings requirement over three years of £22.5million.

On 9th July 2013, Cabinet agreed to support a public consultation on the outcome of the Neighbourhood Working Review.  The proposal is:


·  To cease the Neighbourhood Wardens Service

·  To cease the Health Development Officers

·  To cease the Public Health Nutritionists

·  To create a Community Development Service to include 12 Community Development Officers, 2 Community Development Managers and a Business Support Officer

·  To create 10 additional Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers and 2 Neighbourhood Enforcement Managers within the existing Neighbourhood Enforcement Team

·  To create 3 Community Safety Caseworkers within the Community Safety Team


This specific proposal will reduce Council spending in this area from £1,810,000 to £990,000 thus saving £820,000


If you would like to read the current duties of the Neighbourhood Warden Service, the Public Health Nutrition Team and Health Development Officers please follow this link.


We would like to seek your views on these proposals and invite you to complete an online survey by following this link.


Supporting information on the proposals can be found here:


·  Cabinet report outlining full proposal (9th July 2013)

·  Appendix A - The proposed Community Development Service (CDS)

·  Appendix B - An enhanced Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer Service and Place Based Caseworkers

·  Equality and Consultation Analysis

·  Existing duties of the Neighbourhood Warden Service and Public Health Nutrition Team



If you would like to talk through the survey or ask any questions relating to it please use the contact details below:


Craig Hickin

Coventry City Council

Telephone: 024 7683 2585




Marc Greenwood

Coventry City Council

Telephone: 024 7683 2122



Please note that this consultation will end on 30th August 2013.


Analysis will be carried out throughout the consultation, and afterwards ensuring all responses and information is taken into account.


A copy of the findings from the consultation will be available in the autumn 2013 here:


If you would like to download a printable copy of the consultation, please follow this link.


Supporting documents

Contact details

Should you wish to speak to someone regarding this consultation, please use the below contact details:

Craig Hickin